We started The Dohmen Company Foundation in 2008 as a way to help people live healthier lives. We saw huge disparities in the quality of care made accessible to the poorest citizens of our world, so we decided to do something about it. We contributed a portion of company profits every year to the Foundation. Then we made grants.

Grants to bring clean water, vitamins and basic medications to villages in remote areas. Grants to reduce infant mortality rates in urban areas. In all, $23 million of grants made with the best of intentions - to help people.

Well we did. And we’re proud of that. But we learned a lot in 12 years. We learned that charitable contributions don’t always have the desired effect of driving systemic change. The problems persist. In fact, here in the US, they’ve gotten worse. We spend double every other developed country on healthcare, yet our life expectancy ranks nearly last – and it’s getting LOWER.

We also learned that these gaps in life expectancy are widest in our distressed neighborhoods. Gaps of up to 15 years between the poorest and wealthiest communities.

How could any of us be OK with that? How could we accept the idea that huge numbers of American citizens don’t get to live a full life? Well we can’t. That’s why we added a fourth “e” to our vision statement.

We’re Dohmen. And we’re creating EQUITABLE access to a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. We mind the health equity gap, because living a healthy and happy life shouldn’t be an accident of birth.

Dohmen Company Foundation

We mind the gap